4 Ways Radio Beats the Internet

Safe Money Radio Newsletter January 2017

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4 Ways Radio Beats the Internet

Conventional wisdom says the Internet is the best place to prospect for customers, and while there is truth in that, here are four reasons why radio is more effective:

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1 — Local Targeting

Radio allows you to 100% target your geographical area. While you can ‘geo-target’ online marketing, it’s not completely accurate. You may have people using a national internet service based in your area making it look like those people are in your city when, in fact, they’re scattered across the country.

Plus, the online marketing programs have margins of error. Not all the traffic you purchase will be local.

With radio, you’re reaching a pure local audience.

2 — Expense

When you target locally online the cost usually skyrockets because there is limited local traffic and many local and national marketers aggressively compete for that traffic, driving the costs up. Costs continue to grow more and more competitive with large companies having the financial resources to drive out smaller marketers.

While the entry level cost of broadcasting can appear expensive, converted leads are the true measure of value to compare the two options and in many cases radio leads will convert more easily, saving you time and reducing the number of leads you will need to make a sale.

3 — Complexity

Buying ads online and monitoring those ads is metrics heavy. There is data you have to sift through, study, develop mastery over, and then use the information to constantly tweak your online campaigns to do well. It’s a never-ending, forever changing platform.

You’ll either need to learn graphic design, ad writing, coding skills or you’ll need to outsource it – costing you more money.

Worst of all, there is no guarantee of success.

The medium of radio doesn’t change much and radio programs are turnkey. It’s not complex.
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4 — Relationship Building

Radio is a more intimate medium therefore you can easily build relationship with listeners/ potential customers. Ads on the internet are just that – ads. The prospect knows it’s an ad and they know you want to sell them something.

Radio is relationship marketing. Sure, they know you’re selling, but they aren’t being forced to take or not take an action from seeing an ad. You are giving them quality information and letting them get to know you in a no-pressure manner.

Listeners can get to know you over time and that makes it much more likely they’ll want to work with you!

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