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Safe Money Radio Newsletter January 2017

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Radio Host Interview:
Chad Owen of Eagle Shadow Financial

Safe Money Radio Host Chad Owen

Super Star Chad Owen has 13 years of experience in the insurance industry working with clients in Colorado, Texas, and across the nation. In the past 9 years alone he has written $117,000,000+ in annuity premium, putting him as one of the very top annuity producers in the United States.

As President of Eagle Shadow Life & Annuity, Chad has helped thousands of clients by providing them with income planning that avoids market risk while securing a lifetime of income guaranteed by the claims paying ability of our nation’s leading financially secure insurance companies. As one of the nation’s leading producers of no-market risk income planning strategies, Chad has been called on by several field marketing organizations to mentor and train agents on how to properly develop suitable solution based strategies for their clients.

Because of the demand for his training expertise, Chad recently founded the Annuity Agents Academy to facilitate training seminars for annuity producers. In his personal life, Chad is involved in local and international missions by providing leadership training in impoverished areas of the world. He has been happily married for 24 years and has four children where he currently resides in Buda, Texas.

Q – SMRN: Your lifetime production is above $115 million, and I know you use a variety of lead sources including radio. You have used radio for a long time, how important is it in your overall marketing?

A – Chad: I have been doing radio since the inception of Safe Money Radio. I think you can tell by the below table how it has impacted my volume. It is my most important and valuable lead source. I use it to tie in with any other lead source.
Safe Money Radio Host Chad Owen Annual Volume

Q – SMRN: I know on your emails that you include your radio broadcast times; does that transfer to your prospects? Or is it part of your overall commitment to marketing at every level?

A – Chad: Yes to both the questions. It lets my clients know that I am a Safe Money Radio host and makes them aware of the times they can listen to me.

Q – SMRN: As you have spread your marketing to a larger area, have you lead with radio marketing?

A – Chad: My territory is set to 150 miles from home base. I rarely will go out of that range because of time constraints from a surplus of leads.

Q- SMRN: How many radio leads do you get on the phone? Half? More or less?

A – Chad: See Table below for 2015 and 2016

Safe Money Radio Host Chad Owen Annual Volume

Q – SMRN: Do you offer a gift or a book to those who call your show?

A – Chad: I offer a customized Safe Money Kit and Safe Money Book to be hand delivered to them by the Host himself.

Q – SMRN: How soon do you respond to those who call the show?

A – Chad: Every Monday from 3pm to 7pm, unless I am on vacation or a missions trip. If I am gone I will call them when I am back in town. My shows are on Sunday.

Q – SMRN: Do you qualify the prospects once you have them on the phone or do you wait for an appointment?

A – Chad: Yes, they need to have at least $50,000 in emergency funds and $50,000 in investable amounts. I also do a mini fact finder so I know which company to run an illustration for and which brochures for the product will most likely be the best for what they want and need.

Q: Being a radio host sets you above other agents, does this enhance your position as an expert?

A – Chad: Absolutely!

Q – SMRN: How many times a week does your radio show air?

A – Chad: Be sure to listen to me on the radio in San Antonio on 1200 WAOI Sunday 6:30am and 550 KTSA Sunday 2-3pm

Q – SMRN: How do you decide what air time to buy? Does someone help you?

A – Chad: I try and pick the prime times with the help of Anthony Owen (brother) who is the expert in that area.

Q – SMRN: Your radio shows are very good; how do you keep them edgy? How do you get prospects to call?

A – Chad: Anthony has created a lot of the scripts based off real life appointments I have had and situations I have come across. He has an incredible ability to create timeless scripts that trigger a response. His scripts trigger memories of previous or current market conditions that they do not want to go through again which triggers the call to me.

Q – SMRN: I know you are considered a “super star” agent by your peers, how much of that is because you have chosen to be a radio personality?

A – Chad: Super star to me just means someone who is willing to push harder, work smarter, gain more knowledge and information for your area of expertise, at the same time surrounding yourself with other experts in the specialized fields I need help in.

Safe Money Radio Host Chad OwenListen to Chad Owen’s Radio Highlights – Click the Title to Play the Audio File.

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Radio Host Chad Owen

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