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Our 4 page monthly newsletter is designed to be a printed full color piece that agents mail to their client and hot prospect lists each month. It is delivered on the first business day (between Monday and Friday) of each month; holidays such as New Year’s Day are recognized and deliveries in such cases would be the business day that comes after the national holiday.

Agents can use this piece in a variety of ways to stay connected with their clients and prospects – the PDF file can be sent to a full color print service to produce a 4 page foldover newsletter for office reading or printed newsletters can be included in a physical monthly mailing. Some monthly newsletter articles may be referenced in our Retire Village Auto Drip emails, and agents can also create custom emails which include links to their monthly newsletters.

Premium Member Sites have their Monthly Newsletters Customized with Agent Photo, Name, Company, and Contact information.Premium members can simply download the current customized newsletter from the newsletters page of their web site and send the file to their printer. Premium Member Newsletters have a unique filename and should be accessed from the member web site instead of our monthly email notices to ensure the proper custom version of their newsletter is used. Click Here to view examples of our customized Premium Member newsletters in Chad Owen’s newsletter section.

Regular Member Sites Display the Generic “News You Can Use” Newsletter. Agents can customize the standard PDF as a printed, mailed piece by including a letter, or business card with the printed newsletter or adding a sticker with agent contact information somewhere on the printed piece. Agents can fully customize the Word (.docx) version of the newsletter document themselves. Links to the Word version of our newsletter are included in our monthly email announcement to all active Retire Village members. Please contact us if you are an active member but are not receiving our monthly newsletter notification. Click Here to view examples of our standard newsletter formats in Bill Broich’s newsletter section.

Word Customization TIP: Highlight the copy you want to change in the newsletter directly with your mouse and type your company name and contact information rather than copying and pasting words or sections of text from one Word document into another because font and other formats can cause a lot of layout errors. If you use a text (.txt) file edited with NotePad or TextPad, you can copy and paste from that without any formatting issues.

Word Customization TIP: Some agents would like to modify the masthead image to include their logo or agent photo. While it is tempting to copy and paste over the highlighted image, a better method is to right-click on the image and select the “change picture” option. This will generally eliminate most sizing errors that would cause the layout to shift. If you do encounter layout errors when you change the masthead photo, you can change the image size by right clicking on the image and selecting the “size and position” option in the picture menu. Make sure the image dimensions are 1.16″ height and 1.74″ width.

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