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News You Can UseRetire Village Monthly Newsletters are now available for download.

A stand alone PDF file is available through the following link – you can print and send this generic newsletter as part of a generalized information packet, OR you can now send your contact list to a newsletter hosted on your site – see the section below for more information. Download the PDF File Now.

If you would like to customize the newsletter, you can download the Word document below and include with your name and contact information. If you are emailing this newsletter to clients, we still recommend that you save the file as a PDF and then email it out. If you are a premium member, custom PDF newsletters with your image, company name, phone, and web address are already loaded to your web site so you can download and print or send through your custom email tool. Download the Word Document Now.

Find out more about customizing our newsletter with your own image and contact information, and how other agents are using the monthly newsletter outreach in our Monthly Newsletter Tips page.

You Can Now Use The Custom Email Tool in Your Retire Village Dashboard to Send Your Monthly Newsletter to All or Some of Your Contacts. Email a PDF Link to Your Retire Village Contacts

We have added a new newsletter section linked on each page of your Retire Village web site in the bottom left identity block, next to your calculators link. You can view the 2017 newsletters through June as well as all 2016 newsletters in this new web site section.

In order to email your contacts a link to your most current newsletter, simply navigate to your new newsletter section. The most recent newsletter will be listed at the top. Click on the Newsletter Month or corresponding image and it will open a PDF file in your browser; copy the address in the bar at the top of your browser and paste into your custom email editor, along with your personal statement to make a simple additional connection each month to your Retire Village contacts.

If you are a Premium Level Member with access to our Custom Videos, Annuity Ads, and PDF downloads, then your newsletters in this new section are customized with your photo, company name, phone, and site link – the custom newsletters use a different address than the download link above which shows the generic newsletter, so be sure you are getting your customized newsletter links directly from your own Retire Village site.

Managing Your ContactsManaging Your Retire Village Contacts List

Are you entering contacts into your Retire Village Contacts list regularly to maximize your outreach with clients and prospects?

Our Contacts FAQ article can provide you with information about who to include in your list, the verification process for your contacts, and troubleshooting common errors. The article also provides a preformatted CSV file for Bulk Uploads of contacts. Read More Blogging: Reputation Management For Online Blogging with Bill Broich

Are you in control of your online marketing and reputation or is Google? Find out how you can take control back from the search engines and manage your online marketing Read More

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