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News You Can UseRetire Village Monthly Newsletters are now available for download.

A stand alone PDF file is available through the following link – you can print and send this generic newsletter as part of a generalized information packet. Download the PDF File Now.

If you would like to customize the newsletter, you can download the Word document below and include with your name and contact information. If you are emailing this newsletter to clients, we still recommend that you save the file as a PDF and then email it out. Download the Word Document Now.

Find out more about customizing our newsletter with your own image and contact information, and how other agents are using the monthly newsletter outreach in our Monthly Newsletter Tips page.

New Header GraphicsNew Header Graphics Combine Agent Photo and Company logo at top of Retire Village Sites

While our custom video clients have seen this upgrade in December of 2016, we completed the conversion this month so that all Retire Village Sites have a new Agent Photo and Logo graphic for their web sites. If we did not have a high resolution file on hand, we may be able to increase the size and quality of your logo if you can send a new logo file to us. In addition, larger agent images and casual or family photos can be included in the Agent Profile section.

Coming Soon: Email Aliases.

We have been testing email response for our clients using alias email addresses rather than their regular address. Email sent through the domain name generally improved open rates across acounts, although actual gains varied widely, between 25% and 5% improvement in open rates. Because of the universal positive benefit of our test accounts, we will be initiating domain based aliases for all accounts, and sending out test emails to test that the email is forwarding correctly to your real email address. Please reply to these test emails as soon as you receive them so we can expedite the conversion and improve your system performance!

Managing Your ContactsManaging Your Retire Village Contacts List

Are you entering contacts into your Retire Village Contacts list regularly to maximize your outreach with clients and prospects? Our Contacts FAQ article can provide you with information about who to include in your list, the verification process for your contacts, and troubleshooting common errors. The article also provides a preformatted CSV file for Bulk Uploads of contacts. Read More

Radio Host InterviewJanuary’s Safe Money Radio Host Interview with Chad Owen

In case you missed this interview with Chad Owen of Eagle Shadow Financial and the founder of Annuity Agents Alliance Academy, we have included a link to the Safe Money Radio news article. Read The Interview

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