Retire Village Integrated Marketing System

Take Your Online Marketing to the Next Level With our Integrated Marketing System

If your web site does not have an email marketing component, it’s likely that you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your clients and prospects.

Most “online marketing systems” produce web sites and marketing materials and possibly some social integration and search engine optimization but make very little effort to help you stay in touch with your existing clients and prospects. Our online marketing system includes this very important missing link to generate consistent and active engagement with your contacts. We have integrated a custom email delivery service that delivers unique and fresh content to your contact list, with links to your own personal web presence and downloadable PDF booklets.

Your personalized web site features Articles, Videos, and Downloads Library sections with a collection of uniquely crafted pieces of a wide array of retirement related topics – many include videos or unique PDF downloads. Topically oriented pages that combine an overview with related articles, videos, calculators, and PDF booklets available to download. We can also include our own PDF or audio files and help you integrate them into your Custom Drip or Auto-Drip campaigns.

Use the Custom Drip System to provide supplemental information to groups of clients and prospects or to your entire validated list of contacts. Holiday Greetings, Event Announcements and followup handouts, or checklists to Seminars are only a few of the unique ways that our members use their custom drip systems.

Our Auto-Drip System automatically sends personalized informative emails to your validated list of email contacts at the middle and end of each month. Emails cover retirement related topics from Social Security to Estate Planning, Insurance, Investment Options, and Current Issues like Inflation and Health Care, and Tax. We may also send out highlights emails with collections of recently presented, archived articles.