Email List Contacts FAQ

Managing Email List Contacts

We recommend that you add contacts to your system every month in order to reflect the new business prospects that you have called and met with in the previous month.

If you receive leads from a service, you can provide them to us and we will load them in bulk.

Your contacts can include current clients and prospects who have requested information from you in the last 6 months. If you trade references with other professionals, it may be helpful to include them in your contacts listing. All validated (GREEN) contacts receive your auto-drip messages twice monthly. You can also send a custom email to your entire list of valid contacts or a subgroup. We report other email statuses such as quarantine, spam complaint, blocked, and invalid for your information.

Searching for Contacts

All of your contacts are listed in the contacts section of your member dashboard. You can sort by first name, last name, email address, or date entered by clicking on the heading bars. You can also search email address, first name, or last name through the search box.

If you are searching for an existing contact and nothing comes up, they could have unsubscribed. Double check by sorting through the general contacts listing, looking for them by First Name, Last Name, or email address.

How Contacts are Validated

We validate contacts instantly when they are added individually or edited through the dashboard. Due to server resource considerations, contacts that are uploaded through our Bulk Tool are validated prior to each auto-drip. Occasionally validation will time-out during the editing process and the contact will revert to quarantine. Any quarantined contact can be manually validated by editing the contact email as described in more detail below.

You can view your Contact’s Status once you have added or edited it as either red (invalid) or green (valid) – on rare occasions, if our validation service is experiencing long processing times, you may see a yellow (quarantined) status for your contact.

You can validate a quarantined contact by viewing the detail of the contact (click on first or last name), then click to edit the contact. You must click inside the email field – even if the contact email is correct, and then click into another field, to trigger validation. After that, save the contact to see if it validates.

If validation is unsuccessful, the timeout issues resolve in a minute or two, so re-validating an email will generally return it as either red or green (valid or invalid).

Be sure to check your Invalid Emails for typo’s!

People change emails when they change internet service providers, jobs, or schools so there will be invalid emails in any established list of clients. However, occasionally an invalid email is the result of a data entry mistake that could have happened when your contact submitted their information to you. Other common formatting issues are a result of copying and pasting email addresses from contacts systems or html formatted links.

Make sure your email addresses are formatted as, or even

Examples of an improperly formatted email address include:

  1. user (no spaces are allowed in an email address)
  2. “” (no quotes, colons or semicolons are allowed in an email address)
  3. mail:name@domain.comm (improper domain extension – comm should be com)
  4. (gmail and yahoo mail are easy to catch when they are misspelled)

If you see a typo in an email that has been set as invalid, simply edit that contact entry and re-submit to see if your changes allowed the address to be validated.