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Are You Making The Most Of Your Retire Village Service?

All Retire Village Accounts include the following Basic Service features:

  • Up to 3000 valid contacts allowed in each account’s Retire Village auto-drip list, and up to 3000 custom emails sent per month.
  • Members can specify the video to be displayed to their site’s front page, selected from the videos list on their site.
  • Members can include outside embedded videos in their Videos library – these videos must be hosted on services that allow embedding, like Vimeo or YouTube. If outside videos are used, we recommend that members monitor the video and make sure it stays up, otherwise you will have broken videos on your site.
  • Optional Federal Benefits section for members that work with TSP and other federal benefits – simply request that we include the section for you and it will appear with the other icons above your top menu.
  • Multiple images, links to outside sites, and additional information can be loaded into Member’s Profile page. This display more flexible than our pre-2016 layout, so let us know what you want to change and if it’s possible, we will work with you to make that happen.
  • Members can send us up to 12 custom pdf files that can be loaded in their Downloads Library and/or link to their profile page, or set up in a custom drip, if desired. Copyright compliance is a requirement of all documents you load for public display on your site.
  • Safe Money Radio agents can send us up to 5 Safe Money Radio broadcasts in their Downloads Library and on their Profile page
  • Members can include Facebook and LinkedIn icons and links on their site – just send us your Facebook page and/or LinkedIn profile URL and we will load them on your site.
  • Members can include BBB and National Ethics trust seals.
  • Member Dashboard includes read reports for custom emails.
  • Members now have the ability to send custom drips to a single email in their contacts list, which is useful for sending outr pre-meeting information or followups, or new client welcome packets.
  • We offer one-on-one support for custom drips troubleshooting and setup. Send us the information you want to get out to your full list, goup, or individual, and we will create a test message and send to you, and we can also help you set up groups if needed.
  • Our new email aliases now allow us to send notices to more than one email address. If you have a team member or assistant that needs to be included in your Retire Village communications, let us know and we will add them.

We also offer a Premium level of service at $199/mo plus a setup fee with more customized content including customized downloads, videos, and monthly newsletters which will be loaded in a newsletter section and available to send out in a custom drip starting in May of 2017.

Contact us for questions about how you can use Retire Village to improve your business. We look forward to building your connection to prospects, clients, and referrals through regular informative email outreach and quality articles, videos, and PDF downloads.

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Infofuel Production Company provides Retire Village content, maintenance, member services, and support.


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