Email List Outreach

Are You Making The Most Of Your Email List?

Our experience with email management spans a wide swath of industries – but the common thread that we have found across every client application is that email outreach is most effective when it builds the relationship as opposed to the unapologetic shilling of products and services.

  • Offer your contacts valuable insights and they will consider your products and services in a favorable light. Relevant news, research, overviews of specific concepts, tactics, and strategies that relate to your industry can help educate your contacts to make more informed decisions about what you provide.
  • Respect their time. Don’t over send to your list. As a rule of thumb, a frequency of twice per month will maintain a connection and keep you active enough in their inbox to remember when they are ready to make a decision about the products or services you offer.
  • Respect their wishes. If your contact unsubscribes, don’t re-subscribe them if you move to a different email service. This is especially difficult to maintain if you are using multiple list services in tandem. Using multiple services can also result in over-sending.
  • Keep it simple. Certain autoresponse and followup options can backfire if they are deployed incorrectly. Test out the features before you engage them, to ensure that your contacts with the most engagement are not pestered by a flurry of automated RESPONDER-BOT activity which could discourage them from interacting with your emails moving forward.
  • Open Rates are the most important metric. The proliferation of performance statistics for online marketing can be mind-numbing. What matters most is that people are opening your email, and the next most important metric is the number of unsubscribes or spam complaints that are generated with each email you send out.


Contact us for questions about how you can use your email list to improve your business. We look forward to helping you build your connection to prospects, clients, and referrals through regular informative email outreach, monitoring the response, and making adjustments as needed. Financial advisors can check out our RetirevoMail Service which can provide a turnkey system to new agents or more customized applications that tie into your established web sites and branding.

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